Popohver Kids Kitchen | Review

Popohver, a newer company, recently sent us a couple of their products to try out before their big launch. We received the Kitchen Stove Set and the Kitchen Counter Set, as well as their Deluxe Kitchen Accessories. These Kitchen Sets are virtually pop up kitchens that you can unfold onto a chair and play with anywhere. I was excited for both my kids to try it out, but I had no idea how much both my kids would be into it! So taking pictures while they played was virtually a breeze.

Where To Use It:

When I first heard of this pop up set, I thought what a cool idea, I wonder where we’ll use it. The kids and I are outside 95% of the time there is a beautiful day, and the set just happened to arrive on one of these lovely days. Of course we aren’t going to drag our big kitchen set that we have upstairs to the back deck, so this pop up set was perfect! I’m not even kidding, I had just “remodeled” our back deck with some fun colorful accessories to make it feel more homey, but was thinking we needed more outdoor toys they could play with. Both my kids absolutely love playing kitchen (I don’t know where that even comes from because I hate cooking) so taking this pop up set outside was the answer I had been looking for!

The Set Up:

I always get intimidated by directions but these were so easy. I didn’t even have to read them to figure out that the fabric just needed to be unfolded, the cardboard pieces need to be inserted in pockets to make it stand firm, and you tie it to the chair. Voila! One thing I quickly realized is that you have to set it up on a chair without arms, and that it would fit better on normal square sized chairs. We have wood chairs that have a bit of flare to the end so they didn’t fit super snug, but of course the kids didn’t mind at all.

The Features: 

I couldn’t tell from the pictures before this arrived, but this is very nice quality! The oven, microwave and other little areas are a nice felt material, the doors open and close with magnets (instead of Velcro which I thought it would be) and the vinyl pockets are a thick material so that lots of play food can be stored without falling apart. It even has a little pop up shelf that you can store items on! I was impressed. Immediately, Matthew and Lyla both started opening the doors, filling the pockets and went in full chef mode.


Overall, I loved this pop up set, and would totally recommend it for taking outside, in the living room, or to the babysitters house. The only con we experienced is that the don’t want to put it up now! We were grateful that Popohver sent us these to try, and will be using it over and over in the future!



Had to throw in this fun collage of Lyla dropping the onions 😛



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