A Day at the Barn

If you follow my sister @mandamaytoday, you know she recently bought a horse! She’s been huge into horses ever since she was little and we lived out in the country. I rode some but it was mostly her that was into them. So anyway, when she bought her horse Lucky a couple weeks ago, I asked if I could bring the kids by sometime!

Matthew has been scared of horses all of his life, and has never gotten the nerve to ride one. Lyla on the other hand, had no qualms about getting right in their faces and petting them. It just continues to baffle me how two kids from the same parents can be so different. Lyla clearly takes after her dad.

Manda was so nice and let us all take turns riding! Matthew didn’t even want to pet the horses at first, so it was baby steps. He eventually got close, then pet one, and at the veryyyyy end of our visit, he asked if he could get on one. Not with me! With his Aunt MANDA of course– sheesh lol! It was sweet to watch.

Here is a little snap shot of our afternoon at the barn.

Manda caught Matthew and I wrestling


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