7 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket with Fur

I have never worn a denim jacket before because they always felt too stiff and uncomfortable to me. But I recently came across this one at Gap and fell in love with the fur detail, and it is so comfortable!

This exact jacket starts at $90. Please don’t buy that full price. They always have a sale or coupons available. The day I was in, they were passing out mystery coupons and I drew a 50% off. Also if you’re a Gap card holder, you know you get an extra 10% off. Plus I had a $5 reward, so the idea of buying the jacket wasn’t that far-fetched… I just needed to know how to wear it.

I wasn’t completely clueless on how to wear a denim jacket, but a denim jacket with fur was a little different. It doesn’t quite go with everything. So I got curious and decided to pull out different items in my closet and make a picture list of what works.

Below are the seven different types of outfits I found go best with a fur collared denim jacket. Click links to find items similar to these!

What is your favorite way to wear a denim jacket? I’m still having trouble deciding which is my favorite!


  1.  Striped top, black jeans, booties and fedora 

2. Sweater, dark jeans and duck boots (or could do booties for dressier look)

3. Joggers, Adidas sneakers and ball cap


4. Black midi dress and booties. Pop that collar for an extra fun look! Camera purse: Charming Charlie


5. Layered with plaid shirt, light jeans and converse (these are the jeans from my last post on how to distress jeans!)


6. Mini skirt and boots (could also wear with short booties or sneakers!)

7. Hoodie, leggings, Nike tennis shoes and ball cap


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