The Big 30 | A Milestone Conquered

Everyone dreads turning 30 I feel like. But a couple things helped me not completely dread it. One, I was tired of people thinking I looked 18. And two, I realized I am very grateful for the place I am at/I’ve reached a lot of my goals by year 30. I am grateful to have a husband, two spunky children, supportive family, wonderful friends, and a faithful home church. And those are the main things I wanted in life really. Along with a good job and a home. So the slight bags under my eyes, the light stretch marks that grace my thighs and the sporadic grey hairs I find and rip out can be my witnesses that I’ve lived life fully so far, and I’m fine with that.

This past week my friends and family reminded me just how amazing they are. Especially after the rough period that we’ve been going through at home, these events truly meant a lot to me.


My sister-in-law Lauren planned a birthday trip for me with about ten friends last weekend. They intended to take me to Kansas City, but because of weather conditions, we opted for a Staycation in Wichita instead. It was THE best. The weekend consisted of dinner at Red Rock, going to a speakeasy bar, back to a hotel, then breakfast, shopping and lunch the next day. I loved it! Not only did I feel completely spoiled the entire weekend from events covered to gifts throughout the weekend, but my friends were so loving and thoughtful. They even went around the dinner table each saying things they were thankful for about me ah! It was the sweetest. I felt so loved.



Then last Sunday evening, my husband (with the help of my family and his family) threw a SURPRISE party for me!! I’ve never had a surprise birthday party thrown for me. Everyone asks the ultimate question- were you surprised? Answer: 100% YES. We usually have bible study on Sunday nights but Brandon suggested we go on a date instead and take the kids to his parents. I said, “Are you sure, we are probably going to dinner next week and I feel like we’ve been spending a lot of money lately.” But he said he was sure. I later learned he knows me, and knew I wouldn’t dress up for bible study but I would for a date! Good job hubby!! Side note, I also felt like I was going to throw up on the way to his parents house. I still have no idea why (and no I’m not pregnant!) but I learned later he was praying I wouldn’t throw up so we could still make it to the party ha! Thank you God that I did not.

So we arrived to his parents house and all the lights were off when we came in. I was asked if I thought that was suspicious. But no, I didn’t think it was suspicious; I was just annoyed because I thought his parents were trying to save on electricity LOL. So here I go griping about how I can’t see anything and asking if someone could please turn a light on… and then the lights flipped on and you can imagine the rest. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how many people came to be there with us. Again, I felt so SO loved. I may have cried a little later on.

I just want to say thank you to each and every person in my life. Whether you are a family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance, you have impacted me somehow and I am grateful.



Anyone who knows me knows I love pictures so obviously I had to do a 30 year birthday shoot! My photographer friend Kim is a lot of fun to work with so I asked her if she could take these for me, and she captured exactly what I was hoping for! My mom came and helped as well, and insisted that I do “adult smash cake” photos at the end. My favorites out of all of these are with the kids. The entire shoot was a blast. Thank you Kim for doing such a great job!


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