4 Ways to Wear a Black Dress – for Adults and Toddlers!

Black: the most versatile color of the wardrobe. Often times we think black and think only dressy event or funeral. I sometimes even forget that you can dress up a black piece of clothing with many different accessories and colors.

So, I wanted to share just a few of our favorite ways to dress up a black dress. And because Lyla happened to have the same accessories, she decided to join me too!


The denim vest

A denim vest is a must-have staple to any wardrobe. I love how it can add a layer to almost any outfit.


Green vest and a hat

This is a cute casual way to accessorize if you want to go out for lunch, to church or around town. Take off the hat for an even more casual look.

The Fur Vest

This would make for a bit dressier occasion if you’re ready to stand out for some fun. In retrospect, I probably would actually wear this with black tights instead- just my preference.

The grey cardigan 

How can you go wrong with black and grey? You can’t. This is the most simple look of them all– just plain and classic- good to go anywhere in! Add a long necklace, hat and switch to black heel booties to dress it up.



So there you have four of our favorite ways to wear a black dress! I have a feeling Lyla pulls it off way better than I do!


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