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DIY Floral Hoop Decor | 2 Different Styles

I have been seeing these decorative hoops at places like Hobby Lobby for a while. I really love them. Well, I thought three of the floral hoops would be a pretty backdrop for my business so I went in last week and bought them. I was in a hurry, assumed they were on sale, and checked out to realize I just spent $45 on 3 hoops! I was like no way. So of course later I go back to return them.

Actually it’s a funny story. I return all three hoops, and tell the cashier that I’d like to take one back afterward if possible to re-purchase it with a coupon. She said OK. So after returning all three, I take one back, go browsing a little, and wind up checking out at a different cashier. Well that cashier tells me if I want, I can go get another hoop and “little sister” can purchase it because it’s technically one per customer. First off, little sister?!? I have never had anyone call my two year old my little sister! I am going to assume that was just some sort of slang. However… if she did really think that– I’m 30, so thanks for the compliment! Anyway, I thought how nice, I’ll go get another hoop.

Well during my trip back to the same floral hoop section, I all the sudden realized I could make these babies probably for half the cost. So that’s when I decided to go gather the supplies. At 50% off, the white flower bunch was $6.50 and the two greenery bunches were each $3.50. Then I went to the embroidery section and purchased four wooden hoops at $1.99 each. I got one extra because I decided to make one different type of hoop for home decor– see pics below.

The actual floral hoops that Hobby Lobby sells are each $13.99, which would have been $56 total. However, my total for the supplies was $21.50! A little less than half the cost.

So to end my story from above, I had to go BACK to that original cashier and tell her that I needed to return one floral hoop one last time and then purchase all the supplies to make them on my own. She said to me, “Well if you weren’t wearing a hat right now, I’d bop you on the head!” I said I’m sorry! Haha… Hobby Lobby people are fun.

Anyway, making 3 floral hoops took me a total of 15 minutes, and the home decor hoop took me about 20 minutes. See pictures below for step by step directions!


The two types of hoops we are making today:

First craft: floral hoops. Supplies needed: embroidery hoops, one floral bunch, one greenery bunch (I got extras), floral wire, flower cutters

Start by separating the stems. For one floral hoop, all I used were two greenery stems and one white flower

Next, take a long piece of floral wire (I double it so it’s thicker and stronger) and begin wrapping it around the three stems tightly. I wrapped the wire around the stems about 4 times and then used the rest of the wire to lastly attach it to the wood hoop. Tuck the wire at the back so it doesn’t show.

Here are all three done!

The next version of these hoops is a home decor one that will say “Blessed.”
Supplies needed for this craft are: embroidery hoop, greenery, burlap or tan fabric, floral wire, hot glue gun

Start by cutting your fabric whatever size you want. My fabric was a little thin so I doubled it and hot glued it together in the back.

Next, I looked online and tried to copy the letters as best I could onto the fabric with pencil first

Once I liked the result, I went over it with Sharpie. I thought about outlining it again with black pen to make it a little sharper, but once it was on the wall I decided it looked fine from far away

Next, loosen the embroidery hoop so you can squeeze the fabric in between the two pieces of wood, then tighten back. I hot glued the ends of the fabric to the back of the hoop.

Lastly attach your piece of greenery with floral wire.

Done and on the wall!


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