Lyla Turns 3 | A Magical Celebration!

My baby is THREE! Why? Why why why. I hate that they have to grow up. It seems to be a thing that keeps happening.

This past year flew by. Just a year ago, we were worried her speech wasn’t improving and enrolled her in speech therapy. Now she is talking and won’t stop! Just like they warned us haha. It’s great. She loves to “read,” sing, anything and everything babies, princesses and dressing up, tea time, pretend cooking, playing outside, being a dare devil, playing with her bubba, going on walks, building blocks, doing puzzles, drawing, cuddling and playing guitar along with mommy.

Her favorite song right now: Stand in Your Love by Josh Baldwin
Favorite color: pink
Favorite animal: Unicorns and Kitties
Favorite food: macaroni (pronounced “Racamoni”)
Her favorite toy: dolly

She is becoming her own little person now. She has a BIG personality. Her facial expressions crack us up. And she can be very stubborn. She doesn’t get that from both her parents at all… She also amazes me how brave she is. She doesn’t seem to be scared of anything. She will climb up high on swing sets, get up close to animals and try anything bubba tries. Just the other day, she came up to me and literally said- as calm as can be- “Mommy, der’s a spider on my shoulder. Get off please.” Seriously?!

She is also FULLY potty trained woooo!! Little side note on this. Several methods were done here. One, cotton training underwear were thrown in the mix. This leap was very scary for me. But she felt like a BIG girl, and the cotton undies let her feel the potty while absorbing some- highly recommend these. Two, candy was involved- using “candy eggs” at one point which were eggs hidden with candy (my mother in law’s idea). Three, she started preschool in September where it was REQUIRED to have them potty trained, so that gave us a deadline. Now, she is even taking naps in panties and rockin this thing.

So when it came time to plan her party, it wasn’t hard to choose a theme. Lately, she has been obsessed with “oon-i-corns.” My stubbornness didn’t want to give it to the cliche of unicorns but since she loved it, there it was. And turns out, unicorns are EVERYWHERE so it was super easy to find everything. “Is there a thing as too much unicorns?” I was asked regarding gifts for her. “No way!” I said.

My sister and her husband were kind enough to let me throw Lyla’s party at their house. I love the white openness of their home. I had such fun finding the props for the party. Her little Unicorn Outfit was from; headband from Hobby Lobby; the Unicorn plates, napkins and Magical Party Hats were from Love of Character; the beautiful cake was made by my mother; the Unicorn cupcake holders were from Amazon; the party bags were made by myself; the fabric banner was borrowed from my studio; and the balloon garland was made by myself (tutorial coming soon)!

Because there was a mixture of family and little friends there (probably the last year I’ll do a combined party like that), I only planned a couple small games for the kids. The first was a Unicorn themed treasure hunt, then “Musical Bumps” then Unicorn coloring sheets. I always stress out at parties like these with my anxiety level through the roof, but all in all, I think it went well. We were very thankful for everyone who could come!

Now, on to the year of the Magical THREE’S!


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