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Balloon Garland Tutorial in 3 Easy Steps!

I have seen these balloon garlands around at parties and online, and always loved them! They are perfect for a pop of color and uniqueness at a party. So I decided to try and make one for Lyla’s third birthday party.

What you’ll need:

  • Regular balloons. I got five packs (of 15). So 75 balloons for a 12 foot garland. I like that Target had multi-color packs in her color scheme, and then I bought one pack of plain white.
  • Balloon pump (don’t waste your breath!) You can find these for $2 at Walmart
  • One pack of twisty balloons- optional
  • White string of any kind
  • Greenery- optional (I bought two bunches from our local Dillons)
  • An hour of your time (thank you Robert Downey Jr for the entertainment of Iron Man)

Total cost: $23
Cost for a 12 foot garland at a local store: $144
Money saved: $121

Supplies needed:

  1. First, cut your string however long you want. Then blow up your balloons and start tying them straight to the string as you go.

Mix up the sizes and colors as you go. Really, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Be creative and do whatever you want!

After a little while of placing them along the string, you will see it start to take shape!

2. Fill in gaps with smaller balloons. You can either wait until the end or do this part as you go.

Blow up your smaller balloons and tie them off. Grab a twisty balloon or some string, and tie one end to the small balloon and reach to tie the other end where you would like to fill a gap on the string. I tried both and liked the twisty balloons better because they stretch and are durable so they don’t even need double knotted. I also cut the twisty balloons in half to get more mileage out of them.

After about an hour of guessing/creative work, you will be super proud of yourself with an official balloon garland!

When you’re ready to display it, hang command hooks up where you’d like the garland hung from. I tied a long separate string to the part of the garland I wanted hung.

3. To add something a little extra, you can sprinkle Eucalyptus throughout. These will also help fill in gaps. If you don’t cut them at all, the eucalyptus will simply stay if you stick them far into the garland. This was the most rewarding part I thought!

In the end, I was pretty pleased with my first balloon garland, and super happy with how easy it was (and how much money was saved)!

I also got a ton of compliments on it!


Lyla loved it too (even for days afterward)! Can’t wait to see what designs you guys come up with!

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