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DIY Yarn Rainbow Hanging With Matching Fringe

A couple months ago, I found a cute green and blue yarn rainbow on clearance at Target ($3!) The only problem was that it wasn’t in the color scheme of my daughter’s room. It wasn’t a huge deal so I didn’t bother to change it for months. Buttttt now we are in Quarantine, so guess what? I had time.

Now, these directions involve a pre-existing rainbow, but if you don’t already have one, check out this tutorial for the base! What I wanted to do was get the bottom fringe to match the top part, just like the rainbow I originally found.


What you will need: 

  • 5/8″ thick rope (or existing rainbow if you have it)
  • Yarn (two colors or more)- doesn’t matter thickness
  • Craft scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Here is the original rainbow from Target! Note, the bottom fringe

Prepare your base. I cut mine apart.

Next, I started with the fringe. I tried a couple different ways but this is the method that I found worked best.

Take your yarn and loop it 10-11 times and then knot it at the top. Play around to find the length you like.

Once you have done this, cut the top of the loops off close to the knot, and then glue the stub to the base of your rainbow.

Then, snip the loops so they each become their own strand.


Once you have done this, take a new piece of yarn, tie a knot on the back side of your rainbow and begin wrapping.

Be sure to adequately wrap the top of your stub so it flows well into the rest of the rainbow.

Repeat with the other colors. Since my white yarn was thicker than the pink, I only did 9 loops for the fringe.

Once you are finished, it will look something like this!

Next, you can either sew it together or hot glue it. I glued it because I didn’t really care what the back looked like! Also because I’m lazy 😛

If I was selling these though, I would definitely sew it. The hot glue isn’t exactly a professional finish. But my three year old wasn’t going to care!

Last is the hanging string. I took three pink pieces of yarn and braided them together.

For a little pizzazz, I twisted one piece of white yarn around the braid. Then hot glue it to the back!

Here is the finished result! It took about two hours for me to complete (mainly because of trial and error)


Overall, I love how it came out and it matches her color scheme great!

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