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DIY Mud Kitchen for $10!

We are SO thrilled with the nice weather we are having! While in quarantine, those of us who are home with our littles now are trying to think of creative things to do, right? Well, we have been spending a ton of time outside, and one idea I came across was a Mud Kitchen. I thought, what a CUTE, EASY toy to build in order to allow them to spend some time outdoors.

I couldn’t find a lot of actual tutorials on this, and saw that online stores sell mud kitchens like these for $180 (Okay they are nicer than ours but whatever!) So, between my dad and I, we came up with a plan. I wanted simple- nothing extravagant.


  • 4 Pallet Boards- three for the actual kitchen and one for pieces
  • (1) 2X4 board (optional)
  • 1/2″ screws
  • Drill
  • Table saw (optional)
  • Jig saw
  • S hooks
  • An item for a sink- either an old wash bin, a plastic box or actual metal sink (optional)
  • Any accessories you want included!


First pick up your pallet boards. Our local Atwoods said that any pallet boards at the back are up for grabs.
Next, think about your design. We wanted one big one for the main back board, one board for the table bottom and one board for the counter top.
We used the nicest and widest one for the back board.

If the boards for the table bottom and counter are too long, use a table saw to cut them down to fit. If you don’t own a table saw, look for pieces that will naturally fit your back board.
Lay your back board on it’s back and place your table bottom on first. Drill in place.

Myra immediately thought she owned it, of course.

Next is your sink, if you want this part. I had an antique wash bin already that I thought would look perfect in it.
Lay out your counter top piece and place the sink where you would like it. Trace it with pencil onto the board.
Take into account that you want your sink to have a slight lip to sit on; you don’t want it to just fall straight through.
With this in mind, use a jig saw to cut about an inch inside the tracing lines.

I actually learned how to use a jig saw and did half of this by myself! 😛

Dad decided the best way to figure where to place the counter top was to physically lie down next to it and “picture their height next to it” LOL ohhhhhhh dad……

Next, we need to secure the sides. This is where you can either use parts from your extra piece or use a 2X4 if you have one.
We had a 2X4 lying in the garage already, so my dad cut and drilled those onto the sides.

He also cut a few pieces off the spare pallet board to use for “floating shelves” (notice the top of the back board below)

Dad noticed that the edge of our counter top was a little ugly, so we took a spare board and screwed it over it for a nice finish.

I then sanded the boards down, which DOES make a difference.

Once it is assembled, the fun part is putting all the little accessories on!

Some accessories I had in the house, some were from my photography studio, and a few were from Dollar General.

I used S hooks to hang the kitchen tools just right off the top board.

Here is the final kitchen set up on the back porch!


The kids LOVE it and have literally played with it every day since we set it up. Check out a little clip of the kids playing on it on our Instagram!

If you found this article helpful, feel free to pin it on Pinterest! Happy crafting!




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