Family Portraits: Our Own + My Tips

Family portraits. They can be stressful yes? Being a photographer makes it somewhat hard to schedule our own family pictures every year. We have done a tripod, my mother, another photographer, a stranger for one shot even and this year we used my sister-in-law on a Monday evening really quick! Since getting family portraits can be… Continue reading Family Portraits: Our Own + My Tips

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DIY Distressed Jeans in 4 Easy Steps!

So I have been looking for distressed light wash jeans for a while and I just couldn't find any that fit me right or didn't cost an arm and a leg. So I finally looked up a couple different articles on how to distress jeans, and put a spin on it to make it my… Continue reading DIY Distressed Jeans in 4 Easy Steps!


A Day at the Barn

If you follow my sister @mandamaytoday, you know she recently bought a horse! She's been huge into horses ever since she was little and we lived out in the country. I rode some but it was mostly her that was into them. So anyway, when she bought her horse Lucky a couple weeks ago, I… Continue reading A Day at the Barn


Popohver Kids Kitchen | Review

Popohver, a newer company, recently sent us a couple of their products to try out before their big launch. We received the Kitchen Stove Set and the Kitchen Counter Set, as well as their Deluxe Kitchen Accessories. These Kitchen Sets are virtually pop up kitchens that you can unfold onto a chair and play with… Continue reading Popohver Kids Kitchen | Review


Mommy Daughter Greenhouse Session

I wanted to share our recent greenhouse session! I am so in love with these sessions. I have a couple family mini's for my business lined up at a greenhouse next month so I thought, why don't I knock out a couple birds with one stone and get some fun family and head shots while… Continue reading Mommy Daughter Greenhouse Session